Confession time – I have a massive girl crush on Ellie Goulding. It’s been a slow grower. Yes, I thought her first singles were catchy. But when I really started to pay attention to her was when she began talking in interviews about her passion for running and when her Instagram feed began filling with pictures of her doing everything from planks to monkey bars to boxing. She started talking fitness before it became cool to talk fitness. And it was around then that I thought she was a “pop star” with a lot more about her.

So imagine my delight when I got invited to a special event earlier this week to launch her brand new Tighten + Tone workout for the Nike + Training Club App.

Ellie Goulding singing
Nike ambassador Ellie rocking out at the secret gig at Tobacco Dock in London

The event kicked off with a intimate acoustic gig, with Ellie performing hits including Burn and Love Me Like You Do (the latest single from the 50 Shades Of Gray soundtrack). I’ve seen her perform at a festival before and thought she was good. But this was on another level – up close, where talent is really exposed, she rocked it. I’m not sure, as a 30 year old, I fit the screaming fan profile but I was genuinely impressed.

The crowd of press, bloggers and vloggers  shouted for an encore but there was no time – Ellie was off to change into her exercise threads to lead us through her 15 minute workout. And boy, did she work us hard, along with NTC trainers including her PT Faisal.

Ellie leading the workout
Taking photos – my foolproof excuse for slacking off!

Her HIIT workout involves alternating metabolic drills with high and low intensity movement for a full body blitz. The routine includes classics, such as burpees and alternating scissor squats, with some quirkier additions, such as pike push ups and seated scissor kicks. It’s not rocket science but it works – we were all spent by the end of the session – and it means it’s easy to follow so you can actually devote your energy to smashing it.

Check out my video of the event – and, in particular, note how high she can jump in a burpee. Hardcore.

An extra thank you to Nike who provided me with awesome kit for the workout, including these beauties – the new Flyknit Zoom Agility multicolour kicks that have comfy, breathable woven uppers and Zoom “Air bags” on the soles for cushioning. Oh so pretty.

Nike flyknit zoom agility 2

Ellie’s workout is now available on the Nike + TC app, so download it and give it a go. You could have a bod like hers in no time. I stress, could.

VITALS: nike.com, @NikeUk


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