Feeling brave? Steel yourself for a new twist on circuits that’ll blitz your body in 30 minutes flat.

Set to arrive at a Virgin Active near you soon, The Grid features all the latest workout equipment (think everything from battle ropes to ViPR) that you work around in fast-paced circuits-style classes on a gridded workspace. The inventive folks behind the concept have taken the hottest trends in the fitness world right now – obstacle racing, primal movements (pulls, pushes, twists etc) and high intensity interval training – and mashed them together in this one killer class concept.

I got to have a sneaky trial of it last week and I can confirm you can expect to be sore the next day. Very, very sore. The instructor gets involved – sprinting beside you as you do shuttle runs between grid lines and correcting your technique with the weights. So there’s no slacking. I was a sweaty, disoriented mess by the end. But the whole thing is over in 30 minutes, torching 700-900 calories.

There are four different classes – Grid Fit, Grid Lean, Grid Active and Grid Strong – that are similar but focused on different goals (the clues are in the names). So you can pick the one that’s right for you.

It’s exciting to see more stylised class concepts of the kind you’d expect to find in trendy boutique studios arriving in mainstream gyms. Show your approval by going and giving it a go.  Dare you.

The Grid is currently rolling out at Virgin Active clubs nationwide. Grid classes are free for members.

VITALS:, @VirginActiveUK


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