The trending ways to get in shape that are a lot more inspiring than going nowhere fast on a cross trainer.

Haven’t got the time/money/unwavering self-confidence required to brave the gym? No problem. Virtual fitness is your way forward, with a whole host of new online classes cropping up. Try for yoga classes over a Skype-like connection – the instructor can see you and correct your postures but none of the other “class-goers” logged into the session can. Or look up FitnessBlender on YouTube for genuinely effective interval training workouts that are free. I repeat, FREE.

Set to be “the new spinning”, expect to see a rise in treadmill-based group fitness classes this year. Leading the charge is Run at Project Fit in London, which launches this month, with a promise to help you push your pace and perfect your stride ready for marathon season (or indeed whatever event you’ve signed up for, from a 10k to a triathlon). You’ll do sprints, hill climbs and intervals to build up endurance and aerobic capacity. Take that stitch!

In 2014 trampoline parks bounced into the UK from across the pond with launches including Bounce in Milton Keynes, Gravity Force in Camberley (pictured) and Jump Nation in Manchester. And they’re set to be huge for 2015. Featuring everything from rooms with floor to ceiling trampolines to foam pits to launch into, at many centres you can do structured fitness classes as well as freestyle bouncing. Taking the ‘work’ out of ‘workout’.

High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been the way to work out in 2014. It sees you do short, intense bursts of exercise that rockets your heart rate (think burpees and star jumps) punctuated with brief periods of rest. And science says it’s the best way to blitz fat, by hiking your metabolism. But this year, expect to see it moved on a stage with the rise in high intensity resistance training (HIRT). Basically, it’s the same concept but using moves such as press-ups, bicep curls and sit ups to tone your body at the same time as torching fat. Say hello to the BOGOF of the fitness world. Give it a go at Speedflex, which offers interval training fitness classes with a strength focus in locations around the UK. Or create your own circuit at home.

Fancy doing a triathlon but lack a couple of the key skills required? (I mean doggy paddle isn’t technically banned but…). Launched at the end of 2014 (with a sell-out first event) the new Urban Tri in London gives the event a city twist as it combines a hot yoga class (by Yotopia), followed by a 5k run (led by Sweatshop), finished off with an 8-mile spin (at BOOM). I tried it at the launch event and can testify it’ll still destroy you. But you need less equipment, training, and skill than for the real deal. Want to escape the city? Last year also saw triathlon get a surfer spin with the launch of the SUP triathlon – swimming is swapped for stand up paddleboard and the cycling is taken off-road. Sign up for this year’s event now and get in training.

Trying an actually fun way to get fit this New Year? Post your inspired ideas in the comments below. Sharing is caring!


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