Rubber Chucks

In life there are simple pleasures (clean sheets, tea, a fresh notepad, hearing someone laughing hysterically even though you don’t know them – or the joke) and simple pains (forgetting your lunchbox,  bruised bananas, and feet wet from the rain). But the thoughtful folks at Converse have done their bit to tip the balance in favour of pleasure, by striking soggy socks off your list of woes.

Say hello to the new Chuck Taylor All Star Rubbers (Office, £60). With a soft French terry lining and a rubber upper, they are designed with a reinforced tongue and brass eyelets, to keep feet dry from the rain and mud. And they come in popping colours to flaunt in the face of grey skies.  Perfect for commuting on foot, festivals, and jumping in puddles. Which ones will you choose?

VITALS:, @Converse;, @OfficeShoes #RubberChucks


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