Time for my next instalment from my #FITROADTRIP around California. This time, what happened when I came face to face with these bad boys…


WHAT? Granted, they kind of look like metal filing racks, but these nifty pieces of kit actually promise a full-body high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, as you perform moves such as scaling up and down them as fast as you can, squats (whilst standing on one of the ‘rungs’ and holding onto another with one or both arms), jumping on and off them, and more. An iPad at the top plays a video of the moves to help guide you, while also displaying heart rate and calorie burn.

WHY? My instructor told me that Fitwall’s inventor wanted to get back to the moves that we do as children at play – climbing, hanging, jumping – which are brilliant for our bodies (developing strength, stability and coordination) but get sidelined as adults. As the class is delivered in fast-paced intervals it promises all the fat-zapping, metabolism boosting benefits of HIIT.

WHAT IS IT LIKE? Tough but fun. The moves rocket your heart rate and also require a lot of upper body strength (which I lack, big time). Plus getting to grips with the wall in itself takes time – and gets increasingly tricky in direct relation to the sweatiness of your palms. But the session flies in a blur of pumping music and banter and there’s no time to fret about a killer move because within 30 seconds it’s over. Our class finished with high-fives, coconut water shots, and ice cold flannels infused with mint and lavender oil. If I lived in  CA, I’d be signing up.

WHERE TO DO IT? I tried it out in San Diego’s La Jolla, the home of swanky fitness clubs, where it launched last year. There are now studios in Solana Beach and Newport Beach and new ones cropping up across the US. But here’s the exciting news – as of next year, there are plans to expand internationally, with the UK being a prime target. Watch this space…

VITALS:, @fitwall


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