Blindfold run

After something a bit unusual to do this weekend? I’ve got you covered. How about running a 10k blindfolded? Yup, this Sunday Queen Elizabeth Park in London will play host to the UK’s first ever event of its kind. Carnage. Brilliant, hilarious, carnage.

The event has been organised by the Royal London Society for Blind People, so not only is it going to be comedy gold but it’s also got a valuable message, highlighting just how hard it is to live without your sight.

Generously, the organisers don’t expect you to tackle the route alone. Instead, you pair up with someone who’ll be tethered to you and able to guide you around the course. You get the tether in advance to practice. So all you have to do is try not to clothesline any passers by in the process. Entry costs £50 per pair (with a joint fundraising target of £350). There’s also a 5k option if 6 miles of following someone on a leash with only trust to guide you seems like too much.

What’s the weirdest running event you’ve done for a good cause? Share your stories in the comments below.

VITALS:, @RLSBCharity, #BlindfoldRun


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