A lot of things cross my mind when I pass someone homeless on the streets of London: How did they get there? Should I give them some money? Will they get through the night? But one thing that I’ve never asked myself is this – what do they do when they want to go for a run?

It has never even occurred to me that going for a jog would figure on their agenda. But why not? If anyone could benefit from the exercise, endorphin high and distraction that running can offer, surely it’s someone sleeping rough. And that’s the thinking behind A Mile In Her Shoes, a new charity that organises runs for women affected by homelessness. I joined in one of their sessions and have written about it for the Guardian running blog here: http://bit.ly/1tlo9Py. Read, share, volunteer if you can. It’s a worthy cause to pull your trainers on for.

VITALS: guardian.com/lifeandstyle, @LifeandStyle; amileinhershoes.org.uk, @InHerShoesHQ



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