Karlie Kloss rocking the new Nike Pro Rival Bra

A recent survey found that one in five women is put off exercise by her breasts. Or, more specifically, not finding the right bra to keep them in check when she’s working out. Naughty things.

Thankfully, Nike has stepped up to the mark to offer a solution in the shape of new range, The Nike Pro Bra Collection. It features five different designs, with variable levels of support. But the star of the show is undoubtedly the Nike Pro Rival Bra, which offers the most support and comes in 25 (TWENTY FIVE!) sizes. (I mean, hello, it’s about time sports bras came in actual “bra sizes” instead of just S, M, L etc right?) Plus they’ve developed a 360 Fit System – an online calculator to help you find the best fit for you.

I’m yet to try the new range out but with more than 600 hours of biomechanical testing, over 300 wear trials, and 1,800 hours of wash testing I’m pretty sure they’re worth checking out. And no, I’m not just sold on the fact that Karlie Kloss looks smoking in them. Ok, a little bit…

VITALS:, @NikeUK; @KarlieKloss,


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