As the World Cup rolls into the quarter finals, football fever may have abated in Blighty. ‘Brazil Big Band Drums‘ have already been relegated to the cut-price section at Sainsbury’s. Air horns have run out of steam. One more easy conversation starter has bitten the dust. But never fear, the carnival feeling lives on in the fitness world…

THE KIT: adidas Originals x Farm collection

New from the adidas AW14 range, including parrot-inspired pieces from the Farm collaboration

Brazilian fitness-wear is a thing right now – with brands such as Posto9 bringing Brazilian lycra to the UK, complete with vibrant prints.* And today the new AW  adidas Originals x Farm collection (from their collaboration with Rio-based fashion brand, Farm Company) landed in shops. I got a sneak preview a few months back and was taken with the parrot motif pieces (above). Squawk! (Outside the collab, the adidas AW14 gear generally had a hot tropics feel. Check out those leopard trainers – perfect for prowling in).

THE CLASS: The Brazilian

Pulling them out after every squat was getting tiring…

Today also sees the launch of The Brazilian – a new fitness class from London’s Gymbox that promises to tone your toosh with conditioning moves set to a samba beat. (Achieve the same ends, outside of the capital, by joining a samba dance class and learning how to shake your tail feather. Try to find one).

So if you’re feeling sad about the end of England’s World Cup efforts – or if, frankly, you never cared (like me. Sorry guys) but got quite taken with the carnival vibe – you now have an excuse to run with it. Quite literally, if you like.

*Warning: We can almost guarantee you will look back on photos and question your judgement in pulling on lime green peacock leggings. The lesson? Don’t take any photos.

VITALS:, @adidasoriginals;, @GYMBOXofficial


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