Ever been at something awe-inspiring (Taj Mahal/peace summit/ Britney concert. Hey,  we’re not here to judge) and everyone’s totally lost their minds, taking ba-jillions of photos on their smartphones. And you’re cursing their inability to just “be” in the moment. You’ve adopted a serene expression as you think, ‘Look at me, just soaking this up and recording it in my actual memory not my SD card.’ But really, REALLY, you’re an internal quivering wreck, just moments away from breaking and screaming, ‘Screw the moment. Take my photo here, now here, now here, now from this angle, now in this pose, now in front of this, now with my hand here. Again, again, AGAIN. PHOTOGRAPH EVERYTHING.’

No? Oh, well, that’s what will probably happen to you if you sign up to try a brand new series of yoga classes delivered atop the Shard in London. Up on the 69th floor (or open air on the 72nd if the weather’s good. Oh God, the iPhone frenzy up there doesn’t bear thinking about), 800ft high, it really must be the most incredible place to do a downward dog in the capital (world?).

I was lucky enough to try a preview class this morning and despite being desperately torn between surrendering to the practice or my smartphone, I loved every second. The classes are run by the brilliant duo behind Yogasphere, Mandy Jhamat and Leo Lourdes. And at £40 a session (given that it costs £24.95 to go up the Shard anyway, with big crowds) it’s not that bad at all. The first class is this Saturday (7th) and they’ll run for the next eight Saturdays.* Book now at And get your phone on charge (don’t lie to yourself yogis, you’re going to get snap-happy).

View from my yoga mat. Don't think 'Eastenders', it ruins it.
View from my yoga mat. Don’t think ‘Eastenders’, it ruins it.

*Update: Due to popular demand, the run of classes has been extended until the end of April 2015. Yay!

Top photo credit: Oliver Dixon/Imagewise

VITALS:, @YogasphereUK;, @shardview, #shardview


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