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Commuting time is the ultimate dead time. At best, you can hope to read a few pages of your book (drivers, this does not include you. Eyes on the road please) At worst, you’ll stare blankly at the floor and come to the conclusion that your life’s work is meaningless.

But just think, if you were contending with a killer stitch, it would totally distract you from the fact that you’ve devoted the last [insert years in present job] to [insert banal detail of working day]. So say hello to the saviour of your morale – and waistline – the new #run2workday initiative. Once a month (starting June 5th) people anywhere in the UK are being encouraged to run their route (or part of it) to work. Sign up at and you’ll get various bonuses, such as 15% off running shoes at Sweatshop. Nice.

At the same time, for any Londoners out there, Home Run is back in the capital (starting June 16th). Never heard of it? It gives you the chance to team up with fellow runners in the evening to follow a major commuter route home, while someone carries your bags for you (score!) The only downer is that having newly partnered with Fitness First, the once free service now comes at a cost (unless you’re a member, then it’s free). But at £15 for 12 runs it’s not going to break the bank – and might give you an added incentive to turn up.

So, wherever you live, now’s the moment to start running to work, or back, or both! Just don’t forget to pack deodorant…

p.s. Do you have a novel get-fit way to get to work? By bike? Surfboard? Pony? Tell us about it below…

VITALS:, #run2workday;, #GetFitGetHome


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