Shark bike

Never heard of Electra bikes? Nope, me neither until I got invited to their UK re-launch today. The brand has been around since the 90s but being niche and California-based it was easy to miss. But, no more. They’ve just been bought by Trek (bike mega-brand) and, as such, they’ll soon be stocked in many more shops here. It’s worth noting they’re pootle-about-town types, not for mountain/trail riding. But they’re well-built and with their kooky designs and cool features (a surfboard can be attached to the shark one. Yup, a whole surfboard), they’re essentially kids’ bikes for grown ups. Which is a compliment.

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Pretty, no?

I kid you not (I’m not sure why I would kid you. That would be weird). Looking for deep, blue, clear sea for swimming? Head to Durdle Door in Dorset. I did this weekend for a friend’s birthday and was stunned to be met with this beauty. It’s a bit of a scramble to get to the beach. Oh, and the water was I-huh-can’t-huh-breathe-huh cold but it was a truly beautiful place to swim wild. Do it.

p.s. I’m sure I overheard something about the Kraken scene from The Clash of the Titans (classic!) being filmed here but can’t find anything to back it up on the interweb. Did I just hallucinate that?

p.p.s Did you get up to any fitphernalia on your bank holiday?

VITALS: visit-dorset.com


Burger trainer

Could there be anything more wrong and yet more right than a burger inspired trainer? Meet the Saucony Shadow 5000 Burger sneaker, created with End Clothing (and on sale there tomorrow for £99). The lettuce green and bun beige suede; the sauce packets of laces in (mayo) cream and (BBQ) brown; the takeaway style shoe box. Ohhhh, they’ve just nailed every little detail. Served up in seriously limited numbers, you need to act fast to nab a pair. Failing that, there’s always Maccy Ds for a consolation Happy Meal.

VITALS: endclothing.co.uk, @endclothing; saucony.co.uk, @saucony